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  • Pure PTFE Gland Packings gland packing product non asbestos

Pure PTFE Gland Packings Gland Packing Product Non Asbestos

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27 / 01 / 2023
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Detail Pure PTFE Gland Packings Gland Packing Product Non Asbestos

Gland Packing
Gland packing non asbestos # ramie packing #
Product Description
We represent teadit brand for industrial fluid sealing applications. They are internationally known for manufacturing high quality and cost effective fluid sealing solutions. One of the best braided stuffing box packing from their range is Pure PTFE gland packing”. This gland packing is diagonally braided from 100% pure, thermally stable ptfe yarn, impregnated and densified with PTFE dispersion, lubricated with inert oil.

This PTFE packing is highly malleable with low coefficient of friction, does not wear shafts.
Excellent chemical resistance.
Easy to install, needs little gland adjustment.

The chemical inertness of pure PTFE makes this packing suitable for use with nearly all fluids, including the most corrosive acids and alkalis.

Temperature: -temp: -100o C to 280o C
PH: 0-14 density (g/cm3) 1,6
Pressure: rotating: 30 bar/reciprocating: 30 bar/static: 100 bar v: 11 (m/s).
Our PTFE packing can be used in rotary pumps, piston pumps, agitators, mixers, sliders and valves in all kinds of industry
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